Sunday, December 5, 2010

Waging War Within

My plans come in the form of an argument
With myself
No, you can't
Yes, you can
No, you can't
Yes, you can
No.. Okay, fine
And so it begins anew
Goading myself into action
Research, research, ruminate
Ponder possibilities
And then ignore them altogether
Because I've known the answer all along
I just had to fight myself about it
To pretend I had a choice in the matter
When life hands me lemons
I make excuses
Because I don't like lemonade
There's just too much
Like an overly used smile
That never reaches the eyes
I know when you're lying
I can see it in your forehead
But I'll continue debating with myself
Over self indulgent thoughts
That pound around my head
Like a jackhammer
On a hot sidewalk
Sending smoke and debris flying
In all directions
And they'll continue to catch my attention
I can't help it
Humanity is just obsessed with shiny things
And I am no different
But eventually I'll remember
That I wasn't digging for gold
Just a solid piece of rock
Etched with all the memories
Of those who came before me
And I'll quit thinking about leaping
And just do it

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