Sunday, December 5, 2010

In Spite of it All, I Can't Stop Reading Into Things

I just want to be On the Road,
Kerouac style
But its not the modern day
We live in a post- everything
And Hollywood simultaneously offered
The roadmap and deterrent
Does anyone pick up hitchhikers anymore?
"Hell no!" seems to be the resounding response
"Haven't you ever watched a horror movie?"
But I don't like all the blood and gore
And my mind rests in Alaska,
Into the Wild
With broken down dreams
Scattered along a dusty highway
Remnants of all the accidents
No one can avoid
"My friend was murdered by a hitcher"
So now sunset brings a whole new host of problems
And you can snake your way along
Following the bleak, black trail ahead
Or find yourself a spot
Under the pine trees
Set up camp and try to remember
What's so great about humanity
It's not so long ago
That the multitudes crossed over the Mississippi
And headed West in covered wagons
The promise of a new land
Is enticing
But I just want to see the beaches
And meet a few of The Dharma Bums
Without having to surrender myself
To radiation in public places
For the sake of a feeling
That I do not share
Wishful thinking, perhaps
But I know it's possible
Because I've been picked up before
And I certainly have no problems
With someone else
Hitching a ride
I just seem to have temporarily
Misplaced my testicles

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