Friday, December 10, 2010

Why I Dance Alone

I thrive on the utterly inappropriate
And putting myself in compromising situations
Because in chaos I find comfort
It's as electrifying as Ben Franklin
On a warm, stormy night
And as cool as Washington
On the Delaware
But as haphazard as anarchists
On the streets of Pittsburgh
Not really sure of what direction they're heading
And I follow suit without a thought
Because I'm just happy to be
Whatever I'm needed to be
At any specific point in time
Content with just riding a wave
Seeking out some simple harmonic motion

To keep my head above water
I've learned to float on the soles of my feet
And remain largely submerged
To keep from exposing too much flesh
To the solar flares and cosmic radiation
Spat out at me from across the galaxy
And it allows me to operate
Beneath the surface
Long enough to disturb the natural wildlife
And set them all off course
I look to the stars above me
For some clue as to the exact location
Of a road less traveled
And realize I'm still treading water
Still miles from dry land
So I smile

Because the island I'm looking for
May not even exist
And I am an extremely poor
Celestial navigator
Who can't seem to draw his eyes
From Orion's Belt
As if I'm expecting some bright light to appear
As he hikes up his skirt
To flash a few neighboring constellations
With an image I'll never see in real time
Because being here now
Is just like being stuck in the past
This I am reminded of daily
In all the dead and dying stars
I ignore in the night sky
As I try to sneak another peek
At The Hunter

I consider asking him for the lost plans
To the Tower of Babel
I'm sure he still hides beneath his robes
So that I might communicate more efficiently
With my fellow earthly creatures
And we can consider future endeavors
United in a common struggle
Against a spiteful god that scattered us across the land
For fear that we might realize something minuscule
In a universe too big to fathom
Too old to comprehend
And too young to care
About whether we're fantastic or fatalistic
Triumphant or lackluster
Dead or alive
Because she's just interested in dancing with herself
Until the very end of time

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