Thursday, December 2, 2010

Only Secrets Are Communal

You are nothing but a disgrace
A scourge on your fellow travelers
An abominable representation of the human race
How dare you not succumb to societal pressures
As you push through the automatic doors
To take your place on the train
Threatening to circumvent the wars
Driving us all insane
A metallic voice chides your tardiness
With calm execution and marked distaste
As your cohorts look on in malice
At a disheveled pile of human waste
That dares to disrupt a system
Of ingenious ingenuity
That gave birth to the freedom
To experience their own reality
In the form of well written speeches
Screamed down from a pulpit
To constantly remind of all the forces
That only seek to look and covet
How dare you hold us up
On our way to be scanned
Where we won't so much as gossip
About the TSA agent caught
With his cock in hand

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